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10 Reasons Why Students Benefit from Assignment Help

10 Reasons Why Students Benefit from Assignment Help

Being a student is an exhilarating journey filled with challenges and opportunities for growth. However, the workload can sometimes be overwhelming, leaving students in need of assistance to navigate the academic landscape successfully. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 reasons why students often find themselves seeking assignment help and how essay writers can be a valuable resource in their academic journey.

Time Constraints

One of the primary reasons students seek assignment help is the scarcity of time. Juggling multiple subjects, extracurricular activities, and personal commitments can leave little room for in-depth research and writing. Assignment help services offer a lifeline, allowing students to manage their time more effectively.

Complex Topics

Not all subjects are created equal, and some topics can be particularly challenging. When faced with complex subjects or intricate concepts, students may turn to essay writers for assistance. These professionals have expertise in various fields, making them well-equipped to tackle even the most complicated topics.

Improving Grades

Every student aspires to achieve high grades, but the pressure to excel can be daunting. Assignment help services provide students with an opportunity to enhance their academic performance. With the guidance of experienced essay writers, students can submit well-researched and well-written assignments that contribute to better grades.

Language Barriers

For international students, the language barrier can pose a significant challenge. Seeking assignment help ensures that language differences do not impede academic success. Professional essay writers can convey ideas clearly and concisely, overcoming language barriers that may hinder independent work.

Lack of Research Skills

Effective research is a cornerstone of quality assignments. However, not all students possess advanced research skills. Assignment help services come to the rescue by offering access to seasoned researchers who can gather relevant information, ensuring assignments are thoroughly supported and well-founded.

Fear of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious offense in academia, and students may fear unintentionally plagiarizing content. Essay writers are well-versed in citation styles and can provide original work, alleviating the stress associated with plagiarism concerns. This ensures that students submit assignments that are both authentic and academically sound.

Balancing Work and Studies

Many students work part-time or even full-time jobs to support their education. Balancing work and studies can be challenging, often leaving students exhausted and stressed. Assignment help services offer a helping hand, enabling students to meet their work commitments without compromising their academic performance.

Meeting Strict Deadlines

Tight deadlines are a common source of stress for students. Assignment help services specialize in delivering quality work within specified timeframes. This allows students to meet deadlines without sacrificing the quality of their assignments, contributing to a more manageable and less stressful academic experience.

Learning from Experts

Seeking assignment help is not just about getting the work done; it’s also an opportunity to learn from experts. Essay writers provide valuable insights into effective writing, research methods, and presentation skills. This knowledge can empower students to improve their own academic capabilities over time.

Maintaining Mental Health

The pressure to succeed academically can take a toll on students’ mental health. Seeking assignment help when needed can alleviate this pressure, promoting a healthier and more balanced approach to education. Mental well-being is crucial for overall success and happiness in college.

In conclusion, students turn to assignment help services and essay writers for a variety of reasons, all aimed at enhancing their academic experience. From time constraints to language barriers, seeking assistance is a proactive approach to overcoming challenges and achieving success. For students looking for a reliable assignment help service, Blupapers stands out as a trustworthy choice, offering expertise and support for a smoother academic journey. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help – it’s a sign of strength and determination to succeed.

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The Top 10 Academic Writing Websites: A Comprehensive Guide

top 10 academic writing websites

In the fast-paced world of academia, students often find themselves grappling with an overwhelming amount of assignments and deadlines. The demand for reliable academic writing services has given rise to numerous websites claiming to provide the best assistance. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 academic writing websites, shedding light on their strengths and features. We’ll pay special attention to Blupapers, a rising star in the field, and discuss why it stands out among the rest.

  1. Blupapers: A Beacon of Academic Excellence

Blupapers is making waves in the academic writing industry with its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Boasting a team of experienced writers, Blupapers ensures that every assignment is crafted with precision and meets the highest academic standards. The website’s user-friendly interface and transparent pricing add to its appeal. Students looking for reliability, originality, and timely delivery should consider Blupapers as their go-to academic writing solution.

  1. EssayShark: Riding the Waves of Success

EssayShark has long been a prominent player in the academic writing arena. With a vast pool of talented writers, this platform offers a wide range of services to students across different disciplines. From essays to research papers, EssayShark promises quality work. However, users should carefully review the writer’s credentials and customer feedback to ensure a positive experience.

  1. Academia Research: Bridging Knowledge Gaps
academia research
academia research

Academia Research has earned a reputation for connecting students with seasoned writers capable of handling complex assignments. The website covers a variety of subjects and provides thorough research to meet academic standards. Students seeking specialized assistance in their fields should explore the offerings of Academia Research.

  1. FastPapers: Swift Solutions for Academic Challenges
fast papers
fast papers

True to its name, FastPapers pledges quick turnaround times without compromising on quality. This website caters to students in need of urgent assistance, offering a range of services from essays to term papers. While its speed is commendable, students should ensure that the fast delivery aligns with their academic expectations.

  1. Best Essays: A Hub of Exceptional Writing
best essays
best essays

As the name suggests, Best Essays aims to provide students with top-notch writing services. With a team of skilled writers, the website covers a broad spectrum of subjects. Students should explore the samples and customer reviews to gauge the quality of work offered by Best Essays.

  1. Academized: Your Academic Companion

Academized prides itself on being a reliable companion for students facing academic challenges. The website offers a variety of writing services and focuses on delivering original content. Students seeking personalized attention and a commitment to uniqueness may find Academized to be a suitable option.

  1. Edusson: Unlocking Academic Success

Edusson stands out for its user-friendly platform and diverse pool of writers. This website provides a range of services, allowing students to find the right fit for their academic needs. Edusson’s intuitive interface makes the ordering process straightforward for those new to academic writing services.

  1. Grade Miners: Mining for Academic Excellence

Grade Miners emphasizes quality and uniqueness in its academic writing services. With a team of qualified writers, the website caters to a global audience. Students should explore the pricing structure and user reviews to ensure Grade Miners aligns with their expectations.

  1. Trust My Paper: Building Trust Through Quality
trust my paper
trust my paper

Trust My Paper is committed to building trust with students through its quality writing services. The website covers various academic disciplines and offers personalized assistance. Students seeking a reliable partner in their academic journey should consider Trust My Paper.

  1. 123HelpMe: A Comprehensive Repository of Academic Resources
123 helpme
123 helpme

While not a traditional academic writing service, 123HelpMe provides a vast database of essays and research papers. Students can access resources for research and gain insights into different topics. However, it’s crucial to use these resources ethically and cite them appropriately.


In the ever-expanding world of academic writing websites, students have a plethora of options to choose from. We have explored the top 10 academic writing websites, and what makes each to stand out. Each platform comes with its unique strengths and features. Among them, Blupapers stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and transparent practices. As you navigate the landscape of academic writing services, carefully consider your needs, review customer feedback, and choose the platform that aligns with your academic goals. Happy writing!

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7 Top Essay Writer Services By Nicole Hardy – Essay Writing Sites Reviewer

7 Top Essay Writer Services – Essay Writing Sites Reviewer
Sponsored Content: Need help with your homework? Look no further for a top essay writer service. Learn more about Nicole Hardy’s recommended assignment services here.

Hello, dear readers! My name is Nicole Hardy. As a passionate writer and an avid advocate for the art of crafting impeccable essays, I have embarked on a quest to discover the crème de la crème of essay writer services.

Many people will wonder why, and I have an answer. My mission is to help students who are often overwhelmed with academic assignments and tight deadlines find reliable and top-notch essay writing assistance. All to prevent heavy workloads, sleepless nights, and burnout.

Maybe you’ve already searched for the best essay writers. Maybe you’re just getting started. Either way, I am here to guide you through the immense world of essay writing services. With my expertise and keen eye, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive high-quality essay writing assistance.

So, let’s begin our journey of finding the best and the most persuasive essay writers. I researched the industry’s most well-known academic wordsmiths. All to identify the most trustworthy services that I can recommend to you. These websites employ skilled authors who can produce essays for students at low costs and to their exact specifications. Keep reading to find out more!

Find Your Top Essay Writers on These Sites

EssayService – Best Essay Writing Service Overall
EssayPro – Best for Rush Orders
DoMyEssay – Best Assignment Writers
EssayHub – Best Reputation
PaperWriter – Best Extra Services
StudyFy – Best Regular Discounts
WritePaper – Best Customer Support


The first on the list of tried-and-tested services with the best essay writers is EssayService. Years of experience and deep research skills helped me quickly identify this service as one of the best in its niche. EssayService offers a variety of writing services. They include essay, coursework, dissertation, and research paper writing, as well as book report, APA paper, and PowerPoint presentation writing.

Although I was quite impressed by the assortment of provided writing services, I was also pleased with the quality of the essay I received from EssayService. On top of that, I’ve had a pleasant and smooth experience of picking a writer.

The service provides you with the opportunity to go through all available experts. You can see their degree, competencies, amount of total orders, and rating. It is also possible to sort them out based on your subject preferences and paper type.

The service offers affordable pricing options that are suitable for any budget. Despite your earnings, EssayService has options that will work for you. The price breaks down to: $11.4 per page for assignment assistance, $7.98 per page for rewriting, and $5.7 per page for editing.


  • Easy to use website with handy price calculator
  • Plethora of experienced writers with higher education from the USA and Canada
  • Plagiarism-free content with an optional plagiarism report on request
  • Ability to submit your papers/notes to mimic your writing style
  • Too many writers bidding on the order at once can be confusing
    Ordering Process:
    The ordering process on the EssayService website is quite simple and user-friendly. I was able to easily navigate through the different steps while getting all the necessary information for my essay order.

Sara Z.:

“Outstanding service, very knowledgeable even for a highly technical field! Very accommodating and flexible in edits/modifications as required by the client. Prompt responses to requests. Highly recommended!”

EssayService is a safe and reliable option, especially for those new to essay writing services.


Second on the list is EssayPro, which surprised me with the lightning-fast speed of custom essay writing. The service has a team of the best essay writers who are able to work under tight deadlines and produce a high-quality paper in just 6 hours. That’s why EssayPro is perfect for last-minute orders.

What also impressed me was the number of services they propose. From essay, dissertation, and coursework to term paper, book review, and case study, EssayPro offers a wide range of services to cater to different academic needs. Moreover, you can order original writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading of your academic work.

EssayPro’s prices are suitable for students on a tight budget. Rates start at $11.4 per page for original writing, $7.98 per page for rewriting, $5.7 per page for editing, and $3 per page for proofreading.


  • The possibility to cover any topic, with the freedom to include separate paragraphs or chapters
  • Error-free paper with original content and well-cited sources
  • On-time delivery with the possibility of a 6-hour deadline
  • Low prices and a money-back guarantee
  • There’s no price calculator on the main page
    Ordering Process:
    The ordering process on EssayPro is intuitive. First, I provided the service with all the required information about my essay and the desired deadline. Following that, I was allowed to choose the preferred writer and make a deposit. The last stage was to go through an essay and release the payment. There was also an option to request free edits and a plagiarism report.

Martin D.:

“I was losing sleep over my essay and my writer saved me. Reliable service and skilled writers. Thank you!”

Lighting-fast delivery of academic tasks of any complexity, from essay editing to coursework writing.


If you’re looking for the most qualified assignment writers online, go no further than DoMyEssay. I have used this service on a handful of occasions, and each time their expert writers have met or exceeded my expectations. Furthermore, the site enables you to choose a writer in your field, ensuring that you get highly specific work.

In addition to highly professional and persuasive essay writers, I have noticed that DoMyEssay service has a top-notch customer support team. Whenever I had a question, I turned to them and received an immediate and high-quality answer.

The pricing policy of DoMyEssay is transparent and easy to understand. Prices range from $10.8 for a custom written page to $7.99 for rewriting, $5 for editing, and $3 for proofreading.


  • Represents the industry’s highest-ranked professional writers
  • Easy communication with authors, which is also available via live chat
  • 100% originality guarantee and unlimited free edits
  • All authors adhere to high standards of writing
  • Smaller pool of writers as compared to the rest of the services reviewed
    Ordering Process:
    Thanks to DoMyEssay’s simple interface and clear instructions, I had no trouble placing my order. I easily selected the type of essay I needed, specified the requirements, and set a deadline. To ensure accuracy in my writing style, I provided DoMyEssay with a sample of my writing, and they perfectly mimicked my style in the essay they delivered.

Customer 1386813:

“Perfect paper on an obscure topic. Timely and very efficient.”

DoMyEssay is a stress-free choice for students looking to get their essays done professionally and efficiently. Domyessay review – may also be useful to you if you are interested in this site!


When it comes to reputation, EssayHub has no competition and is widely regarded as one of the most reliable essay writing services. The company has built a strong reputation among students and academic professionals by providing high-quality custom writing, rewriting, and editing services.

The team made my experience with the service smooth and hassle-free. After speaking to their best essay writers, I can confidently say that I’ve witnessed unmatched professionalism and attention to detail. As a result, my paper was well-written, backed by current research, and plagiarism-free. What’s more, the team produced it before the given deadline.

Although the service provides you with many free add-ons such as unlimited revisions and plagiarism checks, the prices are still reasonable and affordable. You can order an original piece of writing for as little as $11.4 per page, rewriting for $7.98 per page, and editing for $5.7 per page.


  • Well-researched and 100% original papers
  • Seamless communication with writers
  • 24/7 friendly support and a money-back guarantee
  • The paper I ordered needed a minor revision, but it was completed very quickly
    Ordering Process:
    With EssayHub, you can get essay help in three simple steps. To get started, you must create an account and fill out a form with your desired outcomes and timeframe. Second, you are given the opportunity to select a specialist from a list of all essay writers who bid on your order. Lastly, you get the work, review it to make sure it meets your requirements, and make the final payment.

Hazard W.:

“great product, done in timely manner. very good vocabulary usage.”

Trustworthy service to which you can entrust academic assignments of any type and level of difficulty.


Looking for A-grade essays, reasonable prices, and the best extra services? If so, I would highly recommend a PaperWriter essay writing service. On top of producing all kinds of academic tasks, including research papers, articles, and reports, pros from PaperWriter can also rewrite, edit, and proofread your assignment.

A standout feature of this service is its free add-on services. You can request plagiarism report, outline, title page, formatting, and unlimited revisions, all free of charge. As a writer myself, I must say that these options can greatly save you time and lighten your workload.

The service offers student-friendly rates that won’t break your budget. For only $11.4 per page, you can get an essay written from scratch for you. The cost of rewriting and editing is $7.98 and $5.7 per page, respectively.


  • Solid research, quality writing, and timely delivery
  • Extensive essay variety
  • Reasonably-priced essays with a 100% refund guarantee
  • This was the only service that submitted our paper on time and not before the deadline.
    Ordering Process:
    PaperWriter’s convenient order process put a smile on my face. It is ideal for people who want to spend as little time as possible on routine tasks. As quickly as writing this review, I was able to complete three easy steps and enjoy a well-written and well-researched academic assignment.

Customer 491672:

“A lifesaver service, a great investment for students that are struggling with deadlines!”

PaperWriter is a safe option when you need to get high-quality college assignments in a short amount of time.


Studyfy’s personalized approach to writing has shown them as a reliable and trusted platform for academic support. For the sake of research, I ordered a few papers on completely different topics. All because Studyfy lists an extensive variety of services on their platform, including term paper help, annotated bibliography, and proofreading services. To my surprise, they provided me with all the assistance I needed and produced high-quality work.

Studyfy’s regular discounts have played a significant role in shaping my opinion of the platform. Since students usually have low purchasing power, even a small discount can make a difference when ordering an essay. Furthermore, the service offers various free features. From the title page and outline to formatting and similarity checking, Studyfy provides a range of complimentary features that students will find valuable.

Expert writers at Studyfy can craft an original piece of content for you for $11.4 per page. Yet, if you need to rewrite an existing piece, it will cost you $7.98 per page. You’ll pay just $5.7 per page for editing.


  • Year-round discounts for writing services and free extras
  • Fair and competitive prices for all kinds of essays
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Support may take some time to respond during peak hours
    Ordering Process:
    Ordering an essay from Studyfy is a breeze. Once you decide to delegate your tasks to professional writers, Studyfy will do all in its power to make the ordering procedure smooth. There is no need for time-consuming registration processes. All you have to do is to fill out the essay form, choose an author, and read over your completed assignment.

Customer 530146:

“Always the best work and always done before deadline. Would highly recommend.”

Studyfy’s persuasive essay writers will meet all your needs at a reasonable price.


Last but not least is WritePaper. Although this service provides high-quality writing, rewriting, and editing help, it’s not what caught my attention. Highly professional and friendly customer support did. I can emphasize that their customer support sets them apart from the other essay writing services.

What I also appreciate about WritePaper is the writing speed. My assignment was completed and delivered to me before the deadline. It gave me enough time to review and make necessary revisions.

WritePaper’s prices are pocket-friendly. Plus, you can save money on free features. Original writing rates start at $11.4 per page. Rewriting services are available for $7.98 per page. Users in need of ​​editing will pay as little as $5.7 per page for this service.


  • All-inclusive pricing with many free extras
  • Variety of trained academic paper writers that produce plagiarism-free content
  • Unlimited edits
  • You cannot call the support team – only chat and email are available
    Ordering Process:
    The ordering process on WritePaper was smoother than I had anticipated. To place an order, you need to fill in the order form, providing as many details as you can. Then, set the deadline. After you’ve filled out the order form, you may choose a writer and submit a deposit. The last step involves reviewing finished work and paying for the whole task.

Customer 1390481:

“Highly recommend! Very professional with content! Great quality work! Quick on deadlines! Always have assignments days before due date.”

WritePaper is a go-to essay writing service for those in need of a personalized approach, prompt replies, and timely delivery.

FAQ About the Best Essay Writing Services

How did I test these sites?

Years of experience in the industry have taught me many things and helped me sharpen my eye to see poorly-researched papers, inconsistencies, and plagiarism. As a result, I developed different criteria with which I approach the evaluation of essay writing services.

  1. Team of writers. It’s important to me to see educated authors who have experience in the subject matter of the essays I need.
  2. Writing quality. I look for well-structured and coherent essays that demonstrate a deep understanding of the topic.
  3. Originality and plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious issue. Thus, I make sure to check if the service provides original content.
  4. Timeliness. Meeting deadlines is crucial. Therefore, I consider the service’s ability to deliver essays on time.
  5. Customer support. It’s important for me to have access to reliable customer support in case I have any questions or concerns.
  6. Pricing. While I want to find a service that offers high-quality essays, I also want to make sure that the pricing is reasonable and fits within my budget. Thus, I check whether the service offers competitive pricing and has transparent pricing structures.

Is hiring essay writers legitimate?

Hiring essay writers can be a controversial topic, with arguments on both sides of the spectrum. I personally think that it is a legitimate practice. Outsourcing the task of writing essays can help students manage their time more efficiently, especially when faced with a heavy workload or multiple deadlines.

People also forget that when you hire essay writers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to do all the work for you. Often, they do editing or proofreading. This helps the person look at their work from a different perspective and learn from their mistakes.

On the other hand, ordering essays from an expert writer can be a valuable learning experience for students. All because they can study and analyze the work of professionals to improve their own writing skills.

Are essay writer services relevant today?

In my expert opinion, essay writer services are indeed relevant today. In fact, their relevance has only grown in recent years. With the increasing demands of academic life, students often find themselves overwhelmed with assignments and deadlines. In such situations, an essay writers service may provide a valuable solution by offering professional assistance to those in need.

One of the main reasons why these services remain relevant is the quality of work they deliver. Essay writers are highly skilled and experienced in their respective fields, ensuring that the essays they produce are of a high standard. This not only helps students improve their grades but also enhances their understanding of the subject matter.

Furthermore, essay writer services offer timely delivery of essays. This is particularly beneficial for students who may have multiple assignments and limited time to complete them.

Who provides me with essay writing services?

Typically, I am the one researching the best essay writing services. I do it for different purposes. As an expert in the art of essay writing, I’m interested in the current trends and available essay writing tools and services. Thus, knowing the industry’s leaders helps me to stay updated and provide valuable recommendations to others.

To find high-quality services, I conduct thorough research and analysis. I consider factors such as the reputation of the company, customer reviews, pricing, turnaround time, and the qualifications of the writers. My expertise in the field also allows me to draw conclusions based on the end result.

Often, knowledge of the best essay writing services helps me to quickly craft review articles and share my insights with others who may be looking for reliable writing services. Ultimately, I contribute to the academic community and guide others toward the best options available.

Who is a better essay writer, a human essay writer, or an AI essay writer?
As a professional writer, I can confidently say that machines cannot replace professional human writers. While both have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, a human essay writer has an advantage.

Human essay writers possess the ability to think critically, express emotions, and provide a personal touch to their writing. They can also grasp complex concepts and convey them in a coherent manner. Additionally, humans can adapt their writing style to suit different audiences and purposes.

At the same time, AI essay writers have the advantage of being able to quickly process and analyze vast amounts of data. They can generate content at a much faster rate and are not limited by human constraints such as fatigue or time limitations. However, AI-generated content often contains plagiarism, which can harm students.

Final thoughts

Online essay writers have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the convenience and efficiency they offer. With just a few clicks, students can easily find and hire professional essay writers to assist them with their academic assignments.

As a result, the demand for online essay writers continues to grow. Therefore, it is important for students to carefully consider their options. All to choose a service that best suits their needs.

Be sure to go through all the reviews on my list to find the perfect fit for your academic assignments. Using the expertise of professionals, you can quickly elevate your writing to new heights.

This article is sponsored content. No endorsement by Blupapers Team of advertiser products or services, real or implied, is intended. BluPapers editorial team did not contribute to this article.

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U.S. steel manufacturers will be able to maintain its competitiveness by the tariff

U.S. steel manufacturers will be able to maintain its competitiveness by the tariff




  • For your arguments, remember to be logical, specific, practical, and justifiable.
  • Remember to cite any sources from which you retrieve information.

Read the following carefully, and write your answers directly on this document.


Write your answers in essay format. Answer all sub-questions that are bullet-pointed.

Question 1 – Industry Analysis (30 points out of 150 points)

It has been announced that a 25% tariff on imports of steel will continue from the previous Presidential administration, arguing that the tariff will protect the U.S. steel industry and ensure the competitiveness of steel manufacturing companies in the U.S. (refer to any article on the web, with the keyword: “Section 232”). Do you agree with the argument that the U.S. steel manufacturers will be able to maintain its competitiveness by the tariff? Pick one of the two options (Q1a or Q1b):

  • Q1a: If you do agree with the above argument:
    • Explain why you agree, with supporting evidence. In addition, explain your argument with the opposing argument (“do not agree”) in mind.
    • Pick a U.S. company in another industry that is related to the steel manufacturing industry (competitor, buyer or supplier of the steel manufacturing industry, or any other company in another industry) that you believe will be negatively impacted by the tariff, and explain why (elaborate and show evidence). Given that the company (outside of the steel manufacturing industry) might be negatively impacted by the tariff, what would be a strategic option for the company to become competitive? Use either the 5 Forces model or VRIO model to support your argument, using evidence.
  • Q1b: If you don’t agree with the argument, implying that U.S. steel manufacturers will not be able to maintain its competitiveness by the tariff:
    • Explain why you don’t agree with the argument, with supporting evidence. In addition, explain your argument with the opposing argument (“do agree”) in mind.
    • Pick a U.S. steel manufacturer, and explain how the company might increase and sustain its competitiveness. Write an analysis, using either the 5 Forces model (full analysis of the industry indicating all of the 5 forces) or VRIO model (full analysis of a resource/capability using the indicators – change of revenue/cost for V, providing a sense of R, using first-mover advantage, path dependence, social complexity, causal ambiguity, patents for I, and reporting/control/compensation for O) to support your argument, using evidence.


Question 2 – Disruptive Innovation (30 points out of 150 points)


Refer to the graph above.

  • Depict the industry of your Business Project (not the Harvard Business case) company in terms of the following aspects:
    • What are the major performance metrics of production (what consumers look for in a product or service in terms of technology and innovation, not outcome metrics such as ROI, EPS, price, cost, revenue or sales, market share, growth rate, productivity, number of clients, customer satisfaction, subscriptions, etc.) of the major goods and services of the industry?
    • What are examples of sustaining innovations in the history of the industry?
  • Were there disruptive innovations in the industry? If so, explain why they were “disruptive,” based on Christensen’s logic (e.g. overshooting, coming from below, asymmetry of motivation to compete) Support your argument with evidence.
  • What would be a good strategy to either prevent disruptive innovation of your competitors, or creating a disruptive innovation, based on your analysis of the three conditions of disruptive innovation (overshooting, coming from below, asymmetry of motivation to compete)? Why? Support your argument with evidence.
    • Please take note that “investing in R&D” or “investing in marketing” is not in and of itself “strategy.” It is a step, or at best, a way to increase operational efficiency. Remember that strategy is a company’s unique approach of doing things that would be hard for competitors to imitate.
    • Also, note that a general answer in the lines of “focusing on innovation” is tautological. It is the same as saying “you need to try to be good to be good.” Provide a tangible strategy while not focusing on operational efficiency.

Question 3 – Christian Application: choose one of the questions (Q3a, Q3b, Q3c) below and answer all bullet points in essay format. (30 points out of 150 points)

Q3a Everlywell business case: Internal Analysis week

  • The Everlywell case from our readings describes an enterprise that addresses issues of human flourishing through their business. Can you think of a Biblical narrative (and example) of a manager, organization, or institution that focuses on human flourishing or the common good?
  • It is well known that in many cases, firms that are focused on meeting double-, triple-, multiple- bottom lines (e.g., profitability and sustainability) face a huge challenge since they need to redistribute their investment to multiple facets. In these situations, can the Biblical narrative you refer to (above) be applied? If so, how does the narrative inform us of firms addressing the challenges?

Q3b Strategic alliances

  • Through many Biblical examples, the Christian narrative relates justice to issues of poverty and power imbalance. If an alliance partners possesses or exerts more “power” in the alliance relationship, should there be a boundary, limitation, or threshold of any power imbalance, especially when one party is the “larger” company? Why or why not?
  • With regard to power, justice, and poverty, what Biblical concepts might be coherent with business concepts in order for us to argue that partners should cultivate their relationships in alliances rather than simply viewing them as contracts?

Q3c Vertical Integration

  • A common concern, and even fear, during an acquisition (company purchasing another company) as a vertical integration strategy is the elimination of jobs of the acquired (or even acquiring) company. As a company, if you are making a strategic move that will significantly put people out of work, should you feel responsible for the employees that are laid-off? How and why?
  • What Christian (or Biblical) narratives touch upon this phenomenon, and if you were the employee of an acquired company to be laid-off, what would be your argument toward the acquiring company?


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Leadership Development And Self Assessment

clinical nurse leader nursing essay

Leadership Development And Self Assessment

To build a personal leadership plan requires not only self assessment, but the knowledge of what makes a good leader. Leaders should inspire and motivate and should encourage others to contribute, to develop and learn, to be innovative, and to be creative. Leaders should serve as role models through their ethical behavior and their personal involvement in planning, communications, coaching, development of future leaders, and staff recognition. As role models, they can reinforce ethics, values, and expectations while building leadership, commitment, and initiative throughout any organization.

Trust in the workplace is essential in considering moral and ethical consequences of decisions, championing new possibilities and outcomes, and generating alignment about share purposes. In past work environments, trust and privacy were essential parts of the job. Patient information is handled very carefully and you have to have a great respect for privacy in order to handle people’s most intimate information. You also have to have good judgment when working with patients on what you can disclose and what needs to remain undisclosed. In order to have this level of responsibility with patient information, my supervisors had to trust me implicitly. I gained that trust by proving myself ethical and trustworthy time and again. I also excel at being able to do a job or complete a project that is assigned to me, without much management or supervision. My past supervisors have always trusted me to get the job done and within the limits set for the project.

I tie these two competencies together, because I think that they are both so closely related for me. I am not skilled at persuasion and I have a fear of conflict. I give advice when asked, but I rarely stand my ground to persuade my audience of my stand when I’m being opposed. Excellent influencing skills require a healthy combination of interpersonal, communication, presentation and assertiveness techniques. Where I fall down the most in these skills for influence is in assertiveness, which ties into my lack of conflict management skills. I tend to avoid conflict as much as I can (as most people do), but when it is unavoidable, I generally do not stand up for myself, I get tongue tied, and think of all the right things to say AFTER the conflict is over. I handle difficult people based on their hierarchy in the company. For instance, a difficult boss I would just say yes sir/ma’am and keep my opinions to myself. A difficult coworker, I would approach as nicely as I could and ask how we might be able to work a difference out. However, if that coworker is very difficult or a bully (and I have run across many bullies), I just leave what ever issue is alone and move on, ultimately, not influencing anyone. I think there are a great many things I can do to resolve these to issues for myself.

Though I have managed people, I have not had the opportunity to directly develop others abilities other than when there is a problem. I do not think I lack the ability, or even have a problem with developing others; it has just been a lack of opportunity that has left me without this skill. However, developing people requires the influence of those people, and that is an area I must develop as well in conjunction with learning the skills to develop others, so consequently, some of the strategies for “Influencing others” is necessary. Developing people, whether by training, coaching, teaching or mentoring them is a trait of a good leader; no one can achieve organizational goals alone. Leaders develop people in order to build a stronger team which in turn creates organizational is effectiveness. In order for me to do this.

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