The paper is about the Australian Legal system and how its affects the construction industry.

Paper contents

The Australian Legal System
1 History
2 Sources of Australian Law
3 Common Law
4 Equity
5 Principles of the Australian Legal System
6 Introduction to the Australian Governmental System

The Federal Court Hierarchy
1 The High Court of Australia
2 The Full Breach of the Federal Court
3 The Federal Court
4 The Family Court
5 Federal Magistrates Court
6 The Administrative Appeals Tribunal

The State Court Hierarchy
1 The State Court of Appeal
2 Supreme Court
3 County/District Court
4 Magistrates’ Court

Relevant laws applicable to a construction company in Victoria
1 Law of contract
2 Factors that invalidate a contract
3 Termination
4 Remedies
5 Law of Tort
6 Criminal law
7 Victoria Building Authority
Domestic Building Act (1995)
Trade Practices Act (1974)
The Building Practitioners Board (BPB)

Professional bodies and codes of practice relevant to construction industry

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Harvard – 11 References