Positive and negative space art


In your sketchbook, create two separate compositions that demonstrate positive and negative space.   To begin, select an object that has an interesting shape.  For instance, choose an object with an attractive edge – such as a maple leaf, open pair of scissors, etc.  In the first drawing, draw the positive space of the object – that means you will focus on drawing the actual object.  Then in the second drawing, draw the negative space of the object.  In other words, focus on drawing the area around the object.    If you are new to drawing and feel intimidated drawing from life, select an object you can trace.  For instance, choose a pair of scissors.  Open the scissors to an interesting shape and trace the outline onto your paper.  Use the same position for your second drawing.  In your first drawing, shade and add details to the scissors.  In the second drawing, draw in the empty background spaces.

When you complete this assignment, use pages that are open next to each other in your sketchbook to compare and contrast the two drawings easily.    In a 250+ word essay, describe each composition.  Discuss the choices that you made and evaluate each composition.  Does each piece demonstrate positive and negative space?  Is one more successful than the other?  Why or why not?  What would you do differently if you were to re-do this assignment?    Please submit the completed assignment and post it in the Final Padlet Portfolio.     Materials:  Sketchbook, Pencil, Dual-tip Sharpie  This video is helpful for this assignment.

Guidelines  Essay assignments should conform to MLA format, and cite the associated reading/resource.  Use a 12-point font. Use double spacing, so there is room for me to write comments. Include your last name in the filename (example: Unit-1 AS1 Smith.)  It should be a Word (.doc or .docx) format file. To view guidelines on photographing assignments, see Guidelines for Photographing Assignments.