Who are we?

I am a Management Science graduate and I understand that as a student, you may have experienced issues with the quality of course work or projects that you hand in. Probably, you are very intelligent but just could not do it right: mostly because of workload, language issues, the analyses required, or simply because you lacked enough time to research your topic..

Why We Started BluPapers?

In our first year in graduate school, there was this lady who kept missing a class because of her job obligations and the professor frequently penalized her for late assignment submission. She used to complain and wish there was a way to get all the materials ready so you do not have to research from nothing. She gave me a dream of creating a platform where students can get ready papers and allow them to finish their assignments on time.

Since then (2013), we have been on a long journey of designing a service that ensures you get always finish your assignments fast and pass your grades. No more excuses. Today, students from all over the world can benefit from BluPaper’s study bank in exploring new subjects, timely download of solutions, and mastering key concepts.

What we do

Our desire is to increase learners’ access to knowledge, research materials, and expand future opportunities. We believe that increased access to quality information can lead to better grades and success in education. And so, we struggle to connect university, college, and high school students with quality solutions and course packs so that we can all learn in an easier and more convenient way.