Performance and Scalability Paper


Course name: Web Server Programming

Write research about:

Performance and Scalability

  • Future of the web, in terms of scale and architecture
  • Architectures and approaches for highly scalable web applications
  • Caching
  • Comparative evaluation for performance, context, or platform

Generic Paper Outline Structure

  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement & Motivation
  • Background
  • Literature Survey/Current Approaches & Research
  • Analysis
  • Proposed Methodology/Approach/Solution
  • Conclusions and Summary


  • Research Paper (MS Word)

o 6~8 pages (double-spaced, 12pt, content-only)

o Minimum of 2 technical references one of them must be a scholarly peerreviewed


o Using standard writing style (APA, MLA, CMS, or other)

o Academic paper format and writing tone.

Rubric and Evaluation Criteria for the Paper

Content (75%):

Relevance and Complexity of the problem      10 pts

Definition and description of the problem         10 pts

Analysis of the problem                                  15 pts

Literature survey and Research                        15 pts

Solution and Proposal                                      15 pts

Completeness                                                  10 pts

Writing/Document (25%):

Proper writing format                                       10 pts

Clarity of writing, structure, flow                     10 pts

Writing mechanics                                           5 pts