What is the relationship between power and influence…


  1. Power vs. Influence

Last week you learned about power and this week you learned about influence.

Power is defined as: the extent to which a person is able to influence others so they respond to orders

Influence is defined as: to get others to follow one’s wishes

What is the relationship between power and influence? Does a person need power in order to influence? Does a person with power automatically influence others? When would a person have power without influencing others? When is it likely that a person can influence others without having power?

  1. Illustrate expectancy theory or goal-setting theory

This week you learned about both “Expectancy theory” and “Goal-setting theory”. Illustrate one of these theories by providing an example that is relevant for you.

  1. Goal-Setting theory

Goal setting is a widely used practice for motivating employee performance. Goal-setting theory describes how and why specific and difficult goals improve performance compared to “do-your-best” goals. When might goal setting not work to effectively motivate employees? Why?

  1. Motiving employees

Although this is the first week we have formally talked about motivating employees, this topic has come up on several occasions throughout the course. As a manager this is a major part of one’s job (particularly for first-line and mid-level managers). Using everything that you have learned in this course so far, respond to the following questions:

What is the best way to motivate employees? Although most people agree that employees are motivated by different factors, is there a motivational technique that works for most people? What is it? Why would you suggest that it works for most people?

  1. Motivating employees at Whole Foods.

Based on your reading of the Whole Foods case, what does Whole Foods do to motivate their employees? Where could Whole Foods improve?

Please note: you may use outside resources to answer this question

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