Discrimination of Walmart


Theworld’s largest retailerWal-Mart Stores Inc. was suedby women for gender discrimination.The women claimed that the company is not following the policies of equal pay and equal opportunities for women. As according toJim Kaster of Minneapolis-based Nichols Kaster PLLP, a lawyer for the plaintiffs claimed in a statement announcing the filling that“Women at Wal-Martwas told by management that women deserved less pay and fewer promotions than men because men had families to support.”

There were more cases which were filed by the women at different stores of Wal-Mart.Almost 1.5 million current and former women worker filed the case of discrimination against the Wal-Mart. But Supreme Court blocked the nation’ s largest ever sex discrimination case plea ruling in favor of Wal-Mart because the majority of the court found ‘no convincing proof’ againstacompany wide pay and promotion policy.Court’s conservatives defined that women were not able to prove that they had suffered from the common policy of discrimination.

There were the different opinions of the lawyers in favor and against the women. As according to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other court’s liberal were in favor to give more chance to the women to prove their case. While some had suggested that there were ample evidence that there were some problem at Wal-Mart like where and when the cases were filed, women held 70 % of the hourly jobs but they were made up only 33 % of management employees.

But finally, it became the history and a victory for Wal-Mart because the company won the case. In fact, it was the victory not only for Wal- Mart, but for all those private businesses too that do the business inthe United Sates.But there is no doubt that it was really very sad for the millions of women who filed the case against the largest private company Wal-Mart. It enhanced the frustration of Americans with a notion that some corporations are too big to fail.