International marketing flop – Google search engine in China


Write a 3-5 page paper describing an international marketing flop ( product or service that was introduce and the format is APA). The paper should address the following area.

  • Company
  • Product (be specific)
  • Timeline (did this occur recently, in the 80’s, when as precisely as possible)
  • What was the marketing flop?
  • Why was the marketing effort a flop?
  • How much did the flop cost (if you can find it)?
  • What did the company do in response to the flop?
  • What’s happening now with the product in the area the flop occurred?

********The topic of flop is google searching engine:***************

“Why Google, the big American businesses, has failed to dominate the Chinese search market rather than other countries.”

Analysis should be indepth and specific. Please use the marketing knowledge.