Drug Addiction is a Choice Argument


Argument Development – Drug Addiction is a Choice Argument
Length:   2-3 pages
Possible pts: 10 points

Develop one specific point of your research topic and fully develop it in this essay.  You will write a 2-3 pages developing that one main argument.
The thesis statement is your one claim – then the body of the essay will contain all the data and reasoning to help develop/prove that claim.

For instance, if my research  was on developing alternative energy, I could choose from the following:

  • Current energy sources are increasing pollution in United States.
  • Current energy courses are contributing to greenhouse gases.
  • Wind energy is a viable source of electricity.
  • Energy demand in the United States is outpacing our current sources. Of course, this is only a short sample of what choices you could have before you.

Address any of the components of your research area (ie:  problem, cause, solution, description of present system/laws, etc.).  But, this essay is not a shortened version of your research paper; rather, this essay focuses on one specific area (ie: one main point or one subpoint) which might be developed in the research.
You are to have a clearly defined thesis statement, and 2-3 main points which directly support the specific thesis statement.  Each of the main points must be developed with reasoning and explanations, and support from your research (primary and secondary sources; quotations and paraphrases, with proper citations).
Grading elements:  Clear thesis statement   Logical organizational pattern   Relevant main points  Integration of support  Proper citation  Free of basic grammar, spelling, and typing errors