Evaluating Differing Views of Ebola travel bans


Evaluating Differing Views

Details:            3 pages, double-spaced, proofread, polished, stapled.

120 points

In class thus far, we have focused our attention on analyzing and interpreting written and visual arguments and considering what types of appeals—emotional, logical, ethical—the arguers use to convince their audience.  In that same vein, asks that you examine many differing perspectives on a single issue and make a claim for the position you find most convincing.

Read through several articles that make arguments concerning your topic.  When you have decided your own position, make a case for your argument by citing relevant evidence that supports your belief and either refuting or in some way allowing for evidence that may contradict it.  Below, I have provided 2 articles (with differing perspectives) for the topic. You must cite at least 4 articles, including the 2 listed below.

In keeping with our recent focus on representations of race and media caricatures of racial identity, examine the following articles that either condemn or support the continued use of “Redskins” as Washington D.C.’s NFL mascot.

Brian Cladoosby, The Washington Post

“A good project for Snyder’s foundation?  Fighting the use of the word ‘Redskins.’”

Rick Reilly, ESPN

“Have the people spoken?”


  • a main claim regarding the issue at stake
  • compelling reasons to support your claim, drawn from your research articles
  • consideration and acknowledgement of opposing viewpoints, drawn from your research articles
  • cited references to 4 research sources, including the two articles given above