Cleveland Case Study of Michelle: A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan


Below is the format you are to use for the Conceptualization and Treatment Plans due in Modules/Weeks 4 and 6. Each paper is not to exceed 12 pages not counting title page, abstract, and reference page. Current APA format is required. Everything is written in 3rd person except where designated below!

Title Page

Refer to your APA manual for directions on formatting a title page. Be sure you include a running head, page number, paper title, your name, and the institution name (Liberty University).


Your abstract should give the reader a short overview of your paper. Be sure your abstract summarizes the main ideas in your paper, and what conclusions you came to. Please use your APA manual to be sure you write an effective abstract.

Body (use the Name of your Chosen Theory here)

Below you will find the topics and structure you are required to include in your paper.

Presenting Concerns:

This part is summarized from your Case Summary emphasizing the problem areas. This should be no longer than 2 paragraphs. Be sure to include the pertinent information needed for the theory you are applying. Cite your sources as you go, including page numbers where required.

Case Conceptualization:

You choose 1 theory for each assignment as directed below:

Week 4. For the Conceptualization and Treatment Plan 1 due Module/Week 4, choose ONE of these five:

  • Psychoanalytic Therapy
  • Object Relations Therapy
  • Individual Psychology Therapy
  • Person Centered Therapy
  • Existential Therapy

The Case Conceptualization Process document will help you with this section.

Week 6. For the Conceptualization and Treatment Plan 2 due Module/Week 6, choose ONE of these four:

  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)
  • Cognitive Therapy (CT)
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Goals and Interventions:

Based on the theory you chose above, you are to have a minimum of 3 different interventions/techniques pursuant to that theory. You must also clearly define each intervention from the other (i.e., write in 3 separate paragraphs, not 1 long paragraph). You must also give an example of how you would use each technique with your client. Specifics always matter! Use the current APA manual for the proper headings format (hint: see how the headings in bold have been used in this document and in the Sample Case Presentation!). 1st person here is allowed.

Spiritual Application (NOTE: You are to do this section regardless of if your client wants to receive Christian counseling at this time!):

What spiritual challenges can you see in this case? How would you seek to handle this person’s case if they were interested in having Christian Counseling be part of the treatment plan? How do you think Christian principles and worldview mesh with the theory you are using? In what ways is it compatible (minimum of 3)? In what ways is not compatible (minimum of 3)? What resources/referrals (in addition to church) can you recommend to the client as part of this area of counseling? 1st person here is allowed.


What you would expect the outcomes of such therapy to be, and what will some of the most challenging aspects of the treatment be? Again use outside sources to support your conclusions. These sources need to be professional, not pop psychology or internet sources such as Wikipedia. Edited books and journal articles are your best sources. 1st person here is allowed.


One of your sources must be the Jones and Butman text, and you must have 5 additional professional references for your paper. These may include professional journal articles, books, or reputable websites. Be sure you format your references in current APA format and pay close attention to capitalization and italics. Note: many students get the website citation format wrong, so make sure you look in the manual to properly do these if you use them. It is your responsibility to have this manual and use it!

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