Answer the following Questions


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Q1: What is the n? n=400

Q2: Generate a frequency distribution.

Q3: Generate the cumulative frequency.
Q4: Generate the proportional frequency.

Q5: Generate the cumulative percentage frequency.

Q6: A graduate student is conducting a quantitative study to determine the significant difference on seniors pre-test and post-test scores on the college algebra test administered to the 6 public high schools in Punalei District, Honolulu Hawaii. He is not interested in looking at gender or any other group but senior students as his main independent variable.

  1. What is his target population in the study?
  2. What sampling method is he using to determine his sample for the study?
  3. Even though he is not interested in looking at gender, supposing the total population is 400 seniors, what proportion of girls if there are 250 boys?
  4. What is the proportion of boys?