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  • The Battle against Climate Change


    Our Relationship with Nature and the Battle against Climate Change

    Reading “THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING”, You must write an argument in response to Klein’s book, You must agree or disagree with ONE of her major arguments.

    2. contain a bibliography at the end, which contains at least ten sources, none of them wikipedia entries;

    3. all quotes and paraphrasing and the bibliography must be in strictly MLA format;

    4. must quote from a minimum of four different sources in addition to quoting frequently from This Changes Everything, and these quotes must be relevant and used as evidence to support your argument;

    5. included in your required quotes fromThis Changes Everything,you MUST quote at least two times from PART 3 of the book;

    6. must state a clear thesis—which is a conclusion of your argument in that it states your position on your issue/topic—in the introduction

    7. must use a variety of types of reasons for supporting your conclusion/thesis, including statistics, research findings, case examples, and authoritative sources; you may also use personal experience and testimony, but those cannot be your only evidence;

    8. must conclude with a prescriptive assumption—that is, a closing statement about how the world MUST be in the future.

  • Continuing Academic Success Paper


    GEN 201 Week 5 Individual Continuing Academic Success

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper sharing what you learned and how you will apply what you learned in this course to take responsibility for your success in your education and your career. The paper should include the following:

    •    An introduction

    •    A minimum of three properly cited and referenced sources from the University Library

    •    A conclusion

    •    A reference page

    Include the following in your paper:

    •    How setting goals can lead to success

    •    At least one educational goal and one career goal

    •    How the writing process can help you advance in your education and your career

    •    An example of how the information from your Ethical Lens Inventory can help you make better decisions

    •    The steps will you take to improve your critical-thinking skills

    •    The university resources you will use to ensure academic success

    •    The benefits and challenges of working with outside sources

    •    Any other important lessons you learned in this course

    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

    Please use the discussion space on the assignments to ask questions and clarify misunderstandings of the assignment. Feel free to offer suggestions to your classmates, but take caution, sharing work on assignments may be collusion.

  • Teachers Communication With Refugees


    Teachers Communication With Refugees

    Topic: How can teachers communicate effectively with refugees that come from a war zone


    1: Rhetorical theories and methods!

    2: Your observations!

    Observations example:
    In the book “What the best college teachers do” Ken Bain argues that the best teachers try to get their students interest and attention by starting with something ”the students care about, know, or
    think they know, rather than just lay out a blueprint or an outline or tale or theory or account of our own” (Bain 2004: 110). BUT according to my observations the refugees at HKK are so diverse and have so different backgrounds, that it is hard for the teachers to find something they all have in common – something they all know and care about.

    Example of a book you could use: https://books.google.al/books?id=F0gSBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA45&lpg=PA45&dq=bill+gillham+observation+looking+and&source=bl&ots=Ok_UGrgusV&sig=F9VZJa8xYT_1_7GhKhLW26g4sfU&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjHl_Gjv-jSAhVHhiwKHQy_CRAQ6AEILTAD#v=onepage&q=bill%20gillham%20observation%20looking%20and&f=false

    In the assessment formal matters such as language, structure and bibliography will be important – but even more so, contents, degree of independent work, and analytical depth.


    The paper is to be written as a long, formal report. The paper must have a title page and a table of contents, indicating the outline of your text. Sources should be documented with references in the text (or in endnotes or footnotes). Sources must be listed in a bibliography/list of references.

    Length: Text should be minimum 35, maximum 45 A4 pages (title page and pictures, and/or graphs excluded). The text should be typed in Times or Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1.5.

    Additionally, you must include an Abstract, approx. half a page (a brief summary of the entire paper) as well as the reason why you chose this topic.

  • Algae biofuel Analysis


    Should be analytical in nature. Don’t simply give an overview of an approach or application but make sure you include an analysis and put in your own thoughts. The text can be no more than 5 pages using a 1.5 line spacing. Use a 1 inch margin on all sides and a 12 point Times Roman font. Number references must be included with the numbers in superscript in the text body and listed under the reference section. Figures may be added at the end of the essay and do not count toward the total page count.
    Typically include:
    Introduction: Define the problem or technology discussed and place it in a current context. Define the idea or thesis of the essay.
    Background: review materials relevant to your application.
    Current results and Critique
    Conclusion and perspective of future trends
    The mark breakdown should be:
    1/3 grammar (spelling, sentence and paragraph structure, flow)
    1/3 technical content (details, references, figures)
    1/3 thesis arguments

    10 peer reviewed references minimum

    Here, how to start off:

    Intro: talk about why biofuel is the future, and algae derived biofuel is the most practical in term of cultivation, extraction, and economically feasible

    paragraph1. explain what an algae is, how long it have existed, what are the common strains of algae use in production, what are the requires for growth, and what is the products

    paragraph 2: explain the cultivation and extraction process of algea biofuel

    paragraph 3: explain the economics of algae production in term of profit and cost

    paragraph 4: explain the drawback of paragraph 1-3, eg. picking the right algae strains, risk of contamination, cost of productions, purification process, cost of production , limitation on where production can be carry out

    paragraph 5: Critically explain your perspective on the pro and cons (be specifics) on the future aspect of algae biofuel

    Last paragraph: summarize the overall topics and readdress your thesis. provide a strong take home message

    A final note, the audience of the paper are scientist with experience in the field. There need to be a TOPIC SENTENCE for each paragraph, and a concluding sentence. It must be CONCISE and specific.

  • Xenia, or the Law of Hospitality


    Topic:Xenia, or the Law of Hospitality.

    How Does The Ancient Law Of Hospitality Operate Within Our Texts? Who Is Particularly Bound By It? What Happens When It Is Violated? What Does It Imply About The Characters Or The Actions Within A Story?

    10 Pages

  • Running of bulls and Oktoberfest analysis


    For the coursework you are expected to prepare a report based on a detailed analysis of one international issue and its relevance to two international events. In the report you are required to: · Introduction: Introduce your coursework including a brief description of the events and the aims of your coursework. (You can refer to more detail in the appendix) (15%) ·

    Literature Review: Focusing on the theoretical aspects of the international issue that is to be discussed such as: globalisation; cross cultural exchange; political tension; social media; lifestyle changes/impacts; environmental, cultural, economic, social issues; health and safety issues. You are required to review the published literature on this issue. Your literature review must be based on a variety of academic sources (books/journal articles) (25%) ·

    Analyse and Discuss: Provide an analytical discussion of the issue chosen in relation to your chosen events. This should be a critical evaluation of the role, development, operation and management of your chosen international events in light of these issues (40%) ·

    Recommendations: Make justified recommendations as to how the planning, organisation and implementation of the events should approach and deal with the international issue in the future. (20%)

    It is up to you to identify events but they must be of International stature and hosted outside UK. If you have a doubt about your event, please contact your Module Co-Ordinator.

    PS: Football World Cup, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cup, Champions League – SHOULD NOT BE USED 

  • Self Judgment Call


    “Most decisions are made with analysis, but some are judgment calls not susceptible to analysis due to time or information constraints.  Please write about a judgment call you’ve made recently that couldn’t be analyzed.  It can be a big or small one, but should focus on a business issue.  What was the situation, the alternatives you considered and evaluated, and your decision making process?  Be sure to explain why you chose the alternative you did relative to others considered.”

  • Military Decision Making Process


    Military Decision Making Process


    The commander and his staff focus on recognizing and anticipating battlefield activities in order to decide and act faster than the enemy. The primary product the staff produces for the commander, and for subordinate commanders, is understanding, or situational awareness. True understanding should be the basis for information provided to commanders to make decisions.

    The staff officer who performs this mechanical staff functions, no matter how flawlessly, without understanding how commanders make decisions, is useless to his commander.  Staff officers must be able to anticipate the outcome of current operations to develop concepts for a follow-on mission. They must also understand and be able to apply commonly understood doctrine in executing their missions.


    • How can a staff NCO anticipate the outcome of current operations to develop concepts for follow-on-missions?
    • As a Staff NCO, what key essential characteristics are necessary along with leader attributes and core competencies?
    • While utilizing a personal event or mission, describe the process from the initial step to the final step required for planning and executing a mission or event.
    • How do TLP’s work into the MDMP and what is the impact and importance of Step 8 of TLP?
    • Briefly describe the roles and responsibilities of each G or S staff ?
  • Poverty in London


    Explain and describe Poverty in London

    7 pages

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