Discussion Questions: Distinguish between a bar graph and a histogram…


Discussion Questions:

  1. Answer the three questions below.
  2. Distinguish between a bar graph and a histogram.
  3. Distinguish between a grouped and ungrouped frequency distribution.
  4. Distinguish between a population and a sample.
  1. Discuss how Frequency Distribution plays a major role in the display of descriptive data in quantitative study.
  1. Case study:  A research student in a doctorate program at University of Hawaii Manoa is putting together a comparative study for his dissertation.  He is interested in conducting a study to determine the significant difference of attitudes among all Hawaii Public School teachers in Punaloa District only, on the use of Hawaiian Language as the main means of instruction in classrooms.  Thus, his Independent variables are Sex, Teaching Experience (Experienced vs Inexperienced), and Ethnic Background or Hawaiians/Non-Hawaiians.  (Make sure to include all the subgroups the student must consider).
  1. Explain what procedures this student will employ to determine his sample (What is his population?)
  1. What Sampling methods he should use? (Random, Stratified, Cluster, Systematic)
  1. How is he going to determine the sample size for his study?

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