Running of bulls and Oktoberfest analysis


For the coursework you are expected to prepare a report based on a detailed analysis of one international issue and its relevance to two international events. In the report you are required to: · Introduction: Introduce your coursework including a brief description of the events and the aims of your coursework. (You can refer to more detail in the appendix) (15%) ·

Literature Review: Focusing on the theoretical aspects of the international issue that is to be discussed such as: globalisation; cross cultural exchange; political tension; social media; lifestyle changes/impacts; environmental, cultural, economic, social issues; health and safety issues. You are required to review the published literature on this issue. Your literature review must be based on a variety of academic sources (books/journal articles) (25%) ·

Analyse and Discuss: Provide an analytical discussion of the issue chosen in relation to your chosen events. This should be a critical evaluation of the role, development, operation and management of your chosen international events in light of these issues (40%) ·

Recommendations: Make justified recommendations as to how the planning, organisation and implementation of the events should approach and deal with the international issue in the future. (20%)

It is up to you to identify events but they must be of International stature and hosted outside UK. If you have a doubt about your event, please contact your Module Co-Ordinator.

PS: Football World Cup, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cup, Champions League – SHOULD NOT BE USED