Why Fuel Are Expensive in Boise Idaho


Fuel is The primary source of energy around the world. All countries around the world are looking for this source.The developed countries are keen to provide the source of its citizens at the best prices.With many of the economic issues that depends on it. Fuel is what is most reliable of all persons. For me as a student spent a lot of money to provide my needs.The price of fuel here in Boise is one of the most expensive in America. It ranked as the eighth highest fuel price on the nation.
I chose some questions to be the key to writing:

  • 1-Why fuel prices vary from state to another?
  • 2- Does the consumer (citizens) think it is reasonable to buy the fuel in this price?
  • 3- What are the plans the States follow to make the fuel at the right price?
  • 4- Are citizens affected by the high cost of fuel?
  • 5- How does the fuel stations compete each other to provide COMPETITIVE¬† prices?
  • 6- What are the alternatives for fuel? What kind of methods or plans that may help the individual in this issue?


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