Why Einstein is able to come up with the formula and what makes him so successful


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Discuss about what do you learn from einstein’s story.

it could be “Why einstein is able to come up with the formula and what makes him so successful “

it could be something like

Einstein has been able to see further, it was only because he stood on the shoulders of giants. He cant come up with the formula without the existing science and math formula

Or something like

” you didn’t know you had some Einstein in you!

The amazing thing about Einstein wasn’t so much his intellect–it was his COURAGE. Not only did he dare to question “gospel truths” that everyone around believed in very strongly, but he also had the courage to stick to his guns when everyone around him started attacking him intensely.

He was confident in his assessments. He stood firm in the face of expanding criticism, because he was clear he was on to something “real” and important. And no matter how strongly people disagreed with him, he maintained his integrity and didn’t cave in. “