What does it mean for a company to have strategic human resource management


Respond to discussion boards:

  1. Strategic human resource management

What does it mean for a company to have strategic human resource management? What value is there to thinking about human resource management from strategic perspective? What value is there to including HR at the executive decision-making table?

  1. Recruitment

What is the best way to recruit job applicants? If you were recommending this method to your own company, what evidence would you use to support your recommendation?

  1. Good interview question

Imagine you are in a situation where you are interviewing candidates for a job as a flight attendant at Southwest Airlines, provide one example of an interview question you would want to ask. Why would you ask this question, and what answer would you expect from a qualified applicant?

  1. Selection practices at Southwest

Evaluate the selection practices at Southwest airlines (as discussed in the case). What are they doing well? Where might they improve upon these practices?

  1. Are employment laws necessary?

Some people feel there are simply too many laws and regulations governing how companies may manage their employees. These people believe everyone would be better off if we let the free market work without so much government interference. Other people believe that employees are not sufficiently protected against unfair treatment by employers. They believe employers would treat employees poorly if our laws didn’t forbid them from doing so. Which position do you agree with more? Why?

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