Is creativity/innovation always good



Thread 1: Is creativity/innovation always good?

Many organizations focus on innovation in order to get a strategic competitive advantage. In fact innovativeness is a commonly sought after trait among managers and employees. Is innovation or creativity always good? In what type of situation may creativity/innovation be bad for organizations?

Thread 2: Inspiring creativity

How is creativity present in your own workplace? What inspires this creativity? What hinders it? As a manager, what could you do to support the creativity of your employees?

Thread 3: Open Topic

This thread is meant to provide students the opportunity to start or engage in a relevant discussion outside of those initiated by the instructor. This is an important component of the course that replaces the “blog posts” component incorporated in previous iterations of this course. This is an opportunity to incorporate outside reference materials, and to view the course material from different angles. This is also the opportunity to discuss the ways in which the course material applies to your specific discipline.

Ground rules:

  1. The topic you choose MUST be relevant to the course content. Please make this clear in your initial post.
  2. The topic you choose should be relevant to the current week’s course content.
  3. When making an initial post, state your observations, and provide any reference material if necessary. Then, try to pose an open-ended question so others can respond to your post with their own observations.
  4. For clarity and organization…when you reply to this initial post, please re-title your post to convey the topic of discussion you would like to initiate.