Violence in the media and the effect on children


Does Exposure to Media Violence Causes Real Aggression on Children?

TOPIC:          Violence in the media and the effect on children

The goal of this paper if for you to write a traditional research paper (which we call a review of the literature) about a topic that interests you in the field of Child Psychology

Format: Your paper should be 10 pages in length with the additional pages for references. Make sure that your paper is double spaced and is in 12 point Times Roman Font.

Citations: All facts stated in your paper should be documented and the source listed in your reference list. All references in your list should refer to facts stated in your paper. If you make a strong assertion or point in your paper that is not your own you must give the original researcher/author credit to avoid plagerism


Types of References: Magazine and newspaper citations are generally not acceptable. For instance Developmental Psychology is acceptable, but Parents Magazine is not. If you are not sure, consult with me.

References: The references for your paper should be relevant and current and your paper should be well documented using APA style. Websites for writing APA style and an example of an APA style paper are included in the External Links section. Citations should be from scholarly books and scientific journals.

Most of your references should be current, ie., 2004 or more recent. Also, please do not use textbooks, encyclopedias or a dictionary as a reference. Your paper should have a minimum of five references

The paper should be a minimum of ten pages, double spaced, including the reference list.