Ch 7 or 8 Reading Response


This is your third question for the Disrupting Class book reading responses. Choose one and reply in approximately 300 words in a Word document.

Ch 7.

Project-Based learning seems to get students more engaged and intrinsically motivated to succeed. Imagine a classroom with 5 3D printers and 25 students. What kind of project could you develop to get the students working together in teams with a very high level of interest? Assume the students are able to design and print 3D objects independently. Describe how (remember Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development- alluded to on page 175) you would develop the project to be at the “just above” level for your students.

Ch 8.

Think back to your literature review. You probably saw dozens or hundreds of articles describing the 3D printing phenomenon and research around it. While you reviewed the articles, did you think anything was missing? If so, what story about 3D printing would you like to hear, or what research could be done to improve the existing body of knowledge surrounding 3D printing?

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