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Gonzaga University

Mission Statement

Gonzaga University is an exemplary learning community that educates students for lives of leadership and service for the common good.

In keeping with its Catholic, Jesuit, and humanistic heritage and identity, Gonzaga models and expects excellence in academic and professional pursuits and intentionally develops the whole person – intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Through engagement with knowledge, wisdom, and questions informed by classical and contemporary perspectives, Gonzaga cultivates in its students the capacities and dispositions for reflective and critical thought, lifelong learning, spiritual growth, ethical discernment, creativity, and innovation.

The Gonzaga experience fosters a mature commitment to dignity of the human person, social justice, diversity, intercultural competence, global engagement, solidarity with the poor and vulnerable, and care for the planet. Grateful to God, the Gonzaga community carries out this mission with responsible stewardship of our physical, financial, and human resources.

Please read the University Mission Statement and respond to the following question:

  1. How do you see using the Mission in your work currently (if you are already in a sporting or related industry) or in your future endeavors in the sporting or related industry?
  1. What do you see as your current strengths that will help you toward a successful completion in our online program? What challenges or conflicts do you perceive will be if you are accepted into this program and how will you plan to overcome them?
  1. If you could have dinner with someone (living or deceased), who would that person be and why.
  1. What would you see as a problem we face in the sporting industry today – why?
  1. What are your long term professional goals and how do you see this program helping you achieve those goals?
  1. Tell us about your technological skill, area of expertise and knowledge of software. What systems have you used and provide examples of the work you completed..
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