Keeping A Food Journal

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Even though the reward center in the brain lights up in response to hyperpalatable food (and drugs), conditioned hypereating can be treated, and people can rehabilitate themselves when it comes to their eating habits. In other words, they can reverse and regain control of their eating habits by applying the treatment theory and the Food Rehab principles, including planned eating and letting go of the past, in their own lives.

Based on the readings in this module and your own entries in the food journal, answer all of the following questions:

  • To what extent has keeping a food journal helped you so far?
  • To what extent do you think it can, or will, help you?
  • To what extent have you been surprised by any of your own thoughts and/or behaviors that are related to your food journal entries?
  • To what extent have the five components of habit reversal, setting rules, and changing emotional perceptions of food helped you so far? Have you applied any of them consciously or unconsciously in the past? If so, to what extent were they effective in helping you to reverse habits?
  • To what extent will you continue to use a food journal beyond this class? Why or why not?

Write a 500 word paper to address the questions above. You are required to cite your sources in the body of your text properly, include a reference page, and use APA style.

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