Take a position either for or against globalization



Globalization is a defining characteristic for today’s economic and ethical context.  More and more businesses are “going global” and therefore, more countries are being impacted by the powerful forces of globalization.  Moreover, governments in every nation wrestle with proper ways to encourage economic activity while at the same time ensuring ethical business behavior.  This challenge is only exacerbated in an increasingly global economy, as multinational corporations operate in numerous countries.  Therefore, it is important as future business leaders, you understand the ethical and economic challenges of globalization and how that could affect our future.


Learning Outcomes

  • Critique the role of government regulation of business and judge where and to what degree it is justified.
  • Evaluate the concepts of enlightened self-interest, corporate citizenship, and corporate responsibility.
  • Critique the globalization of business, appraising its advantages and disadvantages, and formulate a conclusion regarding the outlook for the future.


Discussion Board Forum 2 Thread

Topic: Choose 1 of the following questions and answer it completely and thoroughly for your thread:


One example of unethical activity is bribery. Explain what it is, how common the practice is, and where it is found. Justify your reasoning with a minimum of 2 scholarly references and 1 journal article. (ch. 6)


Take a position either for or against globalization. Provide examples of how globalization has either helped or harmed individual nations and the world economy. (ch. 4)


Contrast corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship. (ch. 7)


How does a firm become a better corporate citizen? (ch. 7)


Discuss the advantages and drawbacks of an organization influencing political action in regards to government regulation or the outcome of an election.   (ch. 8)