IG007 PowerPoint


To begin this Assessment, read the New York Times (NYT) Paywall Case Study. As you read, evaluate the market that NYT was facing and, based on the information presented, formulate marketing tactics that you would recommend to NYT’s leadership.

Create a formal PPT presentation (15–25 slides) that will communicate your marketing tactics. Be sure to include the following sections and details:

Section 1: Executive Summary (You may choose to complete this section last.)

  • A single slide containing 5–7 bullet points that summarize the remaining slides.

Section 2: Customer Expectations

  • Identify customer expectations as part of a complete market analysis including demographics.

Section 3: Market Trends

  • Identify at least five market trends impacting the company. Elaborate and/or speculate on the trends’ implications for the company at the end of 3 years.
  • Include a high-level SWOT analysis of each (two bullet points per quadrant). The trends may include: use of new media by a customer segment (e.g., mobile media), price increases resulting in fewer purchases/purchasers or segment growth/shrinkage, consolidation of suppliers or competitors, resource scarcity, and so on.
  • Recommend tactical responses to the opportunities (or threats) identified in the SWOT analysis for each of the trends.

Section 4: Social and Ethical Considerations

  • Recommend marketing actions that take into consideration their impact in the areas of ethics, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability.