Supply Chain Management (Part B) Assignment


1.3  Module Aims & Learning Outcomes:

This course aims to provide delegates with:

  • A broad understanding of supply chain management and how it relates to the energy industry
  • Detailed understanding of supply chain management techniques and related operations management concepts that are important to the energy industry

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain how supply chains can be effectively designed and controlled in a range of circumstances
  • Evaluate approaches to the management and development of the supply chain
  • Discuss the characteristics of contemporary supply chains and assess their contribution to organisational effectiveness

Part B: Carry out the investigation and prepare consultants initial report that will focus the client attention on the root causes of the problem or challenge and set out the basis for a solution. This paper should demonstrate a good understanding of the challenges but also reflect on the how the challenges link to current academic approaches to the subject.

This part will require have introduction, body with various sections and conclusion as report format. Remember to use theory/concept in this section.