Research Paper: Shakespeare


Paper Instructions

Research Paper, Final Draft
Please submit the final draft of your research paper. The final draft should be 5-7 pages, double-spaces, in Times New Roman size 12 font, in MLA format, with in-text citations and a references page. The final paper is the revision of the rough draft based upon your choice of
1.    Two short stories
2.    Two poems written by the same author
3.    A play

When I grade the paper, I consider the ideas expressed, the intellectual content and level, as most important. I look for ideas that are well supported by the texts studied, ideas that are intelligent and well expressed; ideas that show insight and the ability to analyze and synthesize; ideas that demonstrate creativity and originality. I also consider whether the ideas are well organized and clearly presented. I consider how well the paper is written, including matters such as the organization of the paper, paragraph development, sentence structure, diction, grammatical errors, and punctuation errors. If the paper is a research paper, I also consider documentation errors, the caliber of the research (whether the student is using the best and most recognized critics), and whether the student is using information from scholarly books and journals. Also use MLA documentation to cite any sources. Students should remember that any electronic source found online must be properly identified. Do not use electronic publications from popular sources such as SparkNotes, GradeSaver, CliffsNotes, Questia, ENotes, PinkMonkey and others. Please also avoid the use of any sites from Wikipedia as sources for information, as these sites are unreliable.

2 Pages MLA