Identify the composition of the family


Paper Instructions

Students will base this assignment on a family system with whom they are familiar and address the following questions in an 8-10 page paper:

1.    Identify the composition of the family:
a.    Who are the members of the immediate family? Identify other family members who are outside of the immediate family but still play an important role. Who do you think holds the power in the family? (If it is more than one person, discuss why and when they are powerful).
b.    Sketch a small (3 generations) Genogram of the family you are discussing.
c.    Identify the variety of roles that each family member plays. (I.e. mother-nurturer- Chief Financial Officer). *Remember confidentiality!* Please use only first names or initials in identifying this family.
d.    Identify key cultural, religious and/or ethnic influences that are important to this family.  Describe how these influences would shape or be involved with this family’s “personality”
2.    Describe this family’s relationships, process, structure, style of communication, etc.
3.    Frame and present key aspects of this family’s exchange through the “lens” (perspective) of 2 of the theoretical perspectives discussed in class. (Bowen, Structural, etc.)
4.    Please use at least 6 citations in your discussion of this family. In text as well as in the bibliography.  You may use the textbooks and articles assigned in the syllabus as your primary references.

7 Pages