Reflection on Environmentally Conscious Shopping

by EssayShark Tutors


Task: For Paper 1, you expressed an opinion about the shopping habits of Americans. In your reflection memo, you should discuss the process you went through to write this paper. You may find the following questions helpful. Do not feel that you need to answer all of them or in this particular order, and you may add other ideas not covered below.

  • Please describe your writing process, specifically address what you did to pre-write, draft, revise, and edit your paper.
  • Did any ideas from the readings particularly help you? If so, which one(s)? And how did they help?
  • What was your prior knowledge of this topic, and how specifically did this influence how you wrote your paper?
  • What did you find most interesting about this assignment?
  • What was most difficult or frustrating about it?
  • Did your opinion change during the course of writing this paper? If so, how?
  • What writing or grammar skills did you develop or practice through writing this paper?
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