Environmentally Conscious Shopping

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The power of Environmentally Conscious Shopping

Paper 1: Informed Opinion

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to introduce you to varying ideas about consumerism and to allow you to express and support your informed opinion on the topic. You will also use this paper to practice and demonstrate reading, synthesis, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills/strategies that will be discussed in class.

Topic: In “The Power of Environmentally Conscious Shopping” Dara O’Rourke states that “there is a vast gap between Americans’ stated concerns about the environment and their actual purchases.”   Explain why you think there is such a misalignment where consciousness about environmental and social harm through shopping does not lead to more conscious shopping practices. As you conclude, present a possible solution to align awareness and practice.

Sources to Consult: You must use at least two texts that we have read for class. However, you are also welcome to consult other sources including websites, newspapers, books, journals, and magazines. In addition, you may use personal examples to illustrate your points. Be sure to cite and integrate these sources effectively so that your paper is convincing.

Genre and Audience: Imagine you are writing an article about the attitudes, preferences, and behaviors of American consumers. Your audience of readers may be wide – Americans and non-Americans, but they expect posts for this article to be informed.

Length: Your final draft should be at least 900 words and no more than 1100 words.

Other Specifications: Double-space and include a title. You must include references to all sources that you use. These references should be in APA format.

Evaluation: You will receive teacher feedback on your first draft and peer feedback on your second draft. You may consult with tutors and others who can provide you with useful responses to your writing. The final draft will be graded based on the rubric on the next page.

Paper 1 Feedback Rubric

Feature Description Score and Comments
Content and Ideas ·           The paper clearly addresses the prompt

·           The introduction effectively introduces the topic

·           There is a clear thesis that effectively addresses the prompt

·           Ideas in the paper demonstrate critical thinking beyond simple observations

·           Ideas are explained thoroughly

·           Arguments are effectively supported by evidence from sources and personal experiences/observations

·           The conclusion appropriately synthesizes the paper and considers larger implications

·           The paper focuses more on the writer’s informed opinion and less on summarizing other people’s ideas.

____ / 40
Organization ·           Body paragraphs are focused on one main point

·           Paragraphs work together to build a logical argument to support the thesis statement

·           Transitions links ideas within and between paragraphs

·           Key words from the prompt and the thesis appear in paragraphs to provide a sense of cohesion

____ / 30
Language & Mechanics ·           Higher order grammatical errors (such as verb tense and form, sentence structure, word order, word choice) are rare and demonstrate careful editing

·           Lower order grammatical errors (such as articles, word form, subject-verb agreement) are rare and do not interfere with meaning

·           Language mistakes (such as spelling, punctuation errors) are not noticeable

·           Vocabulary words used in the paper demonstrate an effective mix of academic and topic-specific words

·           Writing demonstrates a variety of sentence structures

·           Sources are correctly introduced and attributed to the original author(s)

·           The paper uses appropriate style and tone for the intended genre

____ / 30
  Total Score ____ / 100
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