Power, influence and rights to dignity


Power, influence and rights to dignity.

Definition and type of Power, Influence and right to dignity, theory involved and the theory against it, how it applicable. this as to be  within working organisation, Policy that apply to it, impact of the policy in working environment.

Bullet point on the  each slides and explain the bullet point on footnote. As to be UK source, 5 slides excluding referencing ,need introduction  and conclusion. books recommended

  • 1) Management & organisational behaviour – Laurie J. Mullins, Gill Christy 2016.
  • 2) Organization theory: selected classic readings – Pugh, Derek Salman 2007.
  • 3) Understanding organizations – Handy, Charles B. 1993.
  • 4) Organizations: management without control – Greenwald, Howard P. 2008

Please UK source only