Discuss how social media increases brand awareness and customer engagement…



  1. Discuss how social media increases brand awareness and customer engagement in integrated marketing communications.
  2. Explain how new media differ from old media, and how PR practitioners incorporate the new media in their strategic campaigns. Give example/s to support your answer.

2 questions in separate word formats with the instructions

Please don’t forget to read the instructions:

Your answer to each question should be 1,000 words (+/- 10%); any responses outside
these limits will be downgraded by one classification. The same penalty will be applied if a
word count is absent.
Marking criteria Credit will be given for:
Focus on question set ;
Appropriate use of a wide range of relevant academic sources (properly referenced), and
relevant examples from practice ;
Understanding, and appropriate application, of key concepts and frameworks ;
A clear argument supported by key theoretical concepts and evidence from practice ;
Conclusions that demonstrate understanding and insight ;
Clarity and accuracy of writing, fluently expressed.
Assessment conduct and presentation. You are reminded of these important points:
• A word count must be given at the end of each answer separately (not collectively) ;
• All pages of your work must be numbered ;
• Assignments where plagiarism is proven will be failed. Poor, or lack of knowledge about
referencing is not a defence against plagiarism ;
• You must complete a cover sheet and include this as the front page of your work;