Performance Analysis of Nemanja Matićin




Assignment Brief

  • Analyse performance on a given subject.

One of the three videos provided

  • Identify strengths & weaknesses and formulate a corrective exercise programme/performance enhancement programme as appropriate.
  • An introduction to which player you have chosen, his position and the match you are analyzing. This should be recorded as a cup (type) or league (which)
  • Candidates should be able to identify and justify the appropriate assessment to analysis performance with reference to positional awareness in football..

Explain which performance analysis method you will use and justify it. The type of data/ analysis and reference your justification points.

The analysis should include:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Corrective exercise programme

Show the method of analysis and how you have recorded that data. This should be done using diagrams/ charts and tables.

Your Corrective Exercise or Enhancement programme should last for 6 weeks and will be in a pre season where there are 3 matches. Pick a stabilization, strength or power for your programme. Your chosen exercises should be position specific and incorporate a ball where possible.

  • Lastly, Candidate should be able to justify and support their knowledge to enhance performance. An understanding of player position specialist training and the role that position has in a unit and the within the team.

This can be achieved by choosing the correct session plan specific to that position to that position similar to mine on Moodle. Marks will be awarded for correct terminology and session diagrams.

Throughout this case study you should reference your performance analysis; programme design and exercises that may have be adapted. i.e.   “shoulder rotations with a football as adapted from Patel (2004)”

Pages: 7, double spaced

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