ASOS and Amazon Collaboration


Collaboration can be internal amongst the employees across all levels and external such as those with the suppliers, customers and so on. In the context of globalisation, this could bring in the dimension of leadership, culture, people, management, technology and teams. So, starting with the various definitions of globalisation, choosing your own given the context of ASOS and Amazon, you can bring in all these aspects of collaboration and try to position the towards how collaboration is critical for globalisation or is it the globalisation that makes collaboration possible?

Try to narrow down the question you want to address (topic is broadly globalisation and collaboration; however, you can narrow down to your own research question).

  • need to develop your argument which appears to be about the impact of culture. Talk about the impact of technology.
  • What is globalisation, who has said what about Globalisation, in your own opinion what globalisation means to you, why it is important.
  • What is collaboration? And what does this mean to the two firms you are studying? What are the factors that influence collaboration (culture, technology, leadership, management and so on). What are the different types of collaboration(internal, external)? How globalisation impacts collaboration and vice versa?
  • References (Max 15)
  • 3 pages, double spaced
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