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Name the title of u story. And write a paragraph of each of the following:

  • Movie Title:
    • Catalyst
    • Big Event:
    • Pinch:
    • Crisis:
    • Showdown:
    • Realization:
  • CATALYST: Your story starts in balance, but by page 10-15, the catalyst upsets it. This gives the central character a desire, motivation, goal, problem, need, mission, etc. The story now has direction and movement. (Amish boy witnessing murder and Harrison Ford having to solve it).
  • BIG EVENT: This is an event that changes your central character’s life in a big way. It comes around page 20-30. This is where Marty travels back to 1955.
  • PINCH: About halfway through the script, there is another major plot twist. It becomes the point of no return for the central character. It’s the moment he/she becomes fully committed.
  • CRISIS: This is an event that forces a crucial decision. Often it is simply the low point in the story, the moment when all looks lost, or when lovers are separated. (What is it in What about Bob?) In about 15-30 pages, we’ll see how it all turns out.
  • SHOWDOWN: Commonly called the climax, this is when the central character and opposition character square off. (What is it in Seven?) It’s the final battle in Star Wars, or the tied-up/blow up scene in What about Bob?
  • REALIZATION: Just after the showdown, or during it, or occasionally before it, the audience realizes your central character has grown, changed, or figured something out.
  • REALZATION (Cont’d): It’s when the scarecrow asks Dorothy what she’s learned (there’s no place like home). It’s when the family admires and accepts Kevin at the end of HOME ALONE. In What about Bob? it’s when Bob is cured, marries Lily and becomes “normal.” It’s also when Dr. Leo Marvin “returns” and smiles at the wedding scene. What is it in Seven?

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