Question no. 1
Inflation is a global Phenomenon which is associated with high price causes decline in the value for money. It exists when the amount of money in the country is in excess of the physical volume of goods and services. Explain the reasons for this monetary phenomenon.

Question no 2.
Monopoly is the situation there exists a single control over the market producing a commodity having no substitutes with no possibilities for anyone to enter the industry to compete. In that situation, they will not charge a uniform price for all the customers in the market and also the pricing policy followed in that situation.

Question No. 3
Define monopolistic competition and explain its characteristics.

Question no 4.
When should a firm in perfectly competitive market shut down its operation?

Question no 5.
Discuss the practical application of Price elasticity and Income elasticity of demand

Question no 6.
Discuss the scope of managerial economics.

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