Analysis of the Greek currency crisis Paper


Research paper Outline

Title: Currency crisis


International finance is an intricate issue; all countries in the world are interconnected through trade. Thus, a currency crisis in one country has the propensity to affect other countries linked by trade.


 The financial crisis that has been witnessed in Greece has had phenomenal impact not only to the people of Greece but to fellow members of the Eurozone and in other continents such as the United States and Asian countries who involve themselves with trade. The main premise of the paper is to understand the background of the financial crisis in Greece and the measures that were put in place to help the country out of the crisis. The paper will also delve into the impact the crisis had on the wider global finance.


Provides the background of the Greek currency crisis and what caused it; this section includes:

  • -Domestic causes
  • -The international causes for the crisis

4.Impact of the Greek Currency crisis on international finance

This section discusses the impact the Greece financial crisis had in other countries around the world; this section looks into the impact this crisis has had on other EU member states and also the United States. It also reveals the how trade relations has the ability to join fates of different countries with regard to finances.

5.Proposed measures to curb the crisis

  • Domestic reforms
  • International assistance


This section summarizes the content of the paper and further validates the thesis statement which is the premise for writing this paper.