Kline and Saunders Learning Organization Assessment


GALC Activity #8: Learning Organization Assessment

Related Standards:

Florida Principal Leadership Standards 1-10

Interstate Leadership Licensure Consortium Standards (ISLCC) 1-6

Educational Leadership Constituents Council (ELCC) Standards 1-7

See Kline and Saunders, pages 61 to 63 and complete the Learning Organization Assessment by indicating in the responses that best describe your organization/school/institution. On page 63, determine the average of the results by dividing sum of all the response/ratings by 36, the number of statements. The average indicates, on a scale of 1-5, the degree to which the respondent believes his or her organization possess the characteristics of a Learning

Analyze and synthesize your results in a summary report where you discuss how your organization/school/institution (1) meets some of the Steps to a learning organization and why (Kline & Saunders), (2) what steps needs to be developed, and why and the (3)challenges your organization have to overcome to meet the remaining steps of a learning organization.

Ten Steps to a Learning Organization can be found in Kline and Saunders.

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