Reinforcing Organizational Commitment in Shamrock and Zero-Hour Contracts


Organizational commitment is one of the important HR outcomes of HRM theory – treating people well makes them want to stay with you, in simple terms. How the can HR deal with the different types of worker in the Shamrock organization and increasingly those on Zero-hour contracts to ensure that this commitment is reinforced?

In this essay you will need to examine the HR outcomes of the HRM theory and the way in which good people practice is alleged to reinforce organizational commitment. You should explain how the steps of the HRD list are the principal and only interventions which the company and its managers can use to reinforce their plans and achieve the HR outcomes the theory suggests.

Take each of the sectors of Handy’s Shamrock organization in turn and address how far the different HRD steps are relevant to workers in that sector. The do the same for those working on zero-hours contracts.

Explain how constant change challenges job security for everyone in employment today and that many people know that they have a portfolio career. How can HR work with their people to enhance their career prospects in a systematic and consistent way?

8 Pages

APA – 10 References