Jason Case Study


You are expected to analyse the case study, and apply the wellness wheel and the biopsychosocial model to it. As part of the assignment, you should develop an action plan to respond to the issues identified.

The case is to include:
– a discussion of the main issues arising from the case study
– critical analysis of the impact of the issues
– the relevant wellness wheel and hoe it would be used to assist in the case study
– an identification of the possible biopsychosocial factors in the case study
– reference to relevant literature
– clearly and logically presented ideas

Jason is a 29 year old married man with one child who is 3 years old. He has been with his partner for over 10 years and married when they found out their son was on the way.

Since then Jason has adjusted to being married, their new baby son, loss of income as his wife is caregiving their son full time and the recent purchase of a family home.

Two months ago Jason was involved in a car accident. His car was off the road for a month which made it difficult to get to and from work, but he managed. Jason had a whiplash injury which persists in creating pain and discomfort, especially if he uses his computer for too long without a break.

His job involves entering sales and other data for the company and he is usually using the computer for several hours a day. As the accident was on his way home from work, he understands that the payment of lost wages and medical expenses will be covered through Workcover.

Jason’s supervisor has queried his claim for a week off after the accident as it was “only a minor accident so why did he need this time off?”. He also has queried the fact that Jason has lost ten half days due to appointments at the doctor and physiotherapist. His supervisor assured him that the query came from the insurers, no him, but he has to ask Jason to explain this request.

Jason has expressed to his wife that he feels like the supervisor does not believe him about the impact of his injury and the insurers may not pay, and this has big implications for their finances. Needless to say Jason is feeling quite stressed about the situation and has come to you to discuss the matter. He also wants some ideas on how to manage computer usage and his neck pain.


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