Geography in Real World

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The purpose of this semester-long exercise is to become aware of the events that are occurring throughout the world that relate to physical geography. To accomplish this, you should use newspapers or periodicals, the internett, and radio and television, (newscasts, NOVA, National geographic, discovery etc.).
I Written Materials: Please turn in original articles from newsman magazines, etc. The articles should ha% e important points underlined or highlighted and they must be attached to pieces of standard-site paper (Jape. staple, or plot one snick per page). The article must be dated sired donne the ling: of this semester—no old articles will be accepted. lie sure that the name of the periodical and the publication date are included. In the case of valuable periodicals such as Nonmall Geographic. sou may turn in a copy of the article. A maximum of four Internet articles may be used, but they must include the printer date on the page. 2. brief notes on television news have a TV, you may use notes on Include the date, station, and time of all radio and telcvlswil topons. longer programs. suc NOV.4, on earthquakes, volcanoes. etc. may also be used. 3. You should turn in a combination of materials from printed material, Internet. and video/audio sources that were gathered throughout the semester. The purpose of this assignment is to increase your awareness of the events around you on a daily basis–not to send you frantically scrambling for materials the day before the assignment is due! If you are wondering whether a particular piece is acceptable, please ask me to look at it. You may also check the article with the textbook to see if the subject appears in the index or is covered in the table of contents.
4. Please turn in a total of twelve 02) different articles, etc. The articles should be arranged by date, numbered from 1-12, and each attached to a separate sheet of paper. The articles should be evenly distributed from the three months of this assignment. Also, turn in a one to two page summary and analysis of the event, that have occurred throughout the semester that Were entered in your materials and how they related to Ilic mmerlal studied class (one summary that covers all, not twelve separate summaries). The summary should be typed and double-spaced. Please include a title page that has your name and class day and time and staple all materials together. not use a folder or other type of cover. A specific due date for this assignment will he given in class. You will see how much of our count content is actually occurring out Were in the “real world’ as the semester progresses. Hopefully, this exercise will help you become a more active participant in our class.

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