Financial Ratio Analysis of Marico Limited


The report at hand manifests an in-depth analysis of the financial statements of Marico Bangladesh Limited. Marico Bangladesh Limited is a company that caters to the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) segment of the market of Bangladesh. The company produces products such as hair oil, edible oil and soaps. The purpose of this report was to scrutinize the financial statements of the company and justify whether profitability is sufficient enough to determine the performance of a company. This report comprises of a literature review which projects the perceptions of different authors about the different ratios used to analyse the financial statements followed by the analysis of the financial statements using financial ratios and ends with a brief conclusion and recommendation.


Table of Contents


  • Introduction               1

1.1Background of the company                                                                                               1

1.2 Rationale of the study                                                                                                        2

2.0 Literature Review                                                                                                                           3

2.1 Financial Statement (Ratio) Analysis                                                                                 3

2.1.1 Liquidity Ratio                                                                                                                4

2.1.2 Asset Management Ratio                                                                                                 5

2.1.3 Debt Management Ratio                                                                                                  7

2.1.4 Profitability Ratio                                                                                                            8

2.1.5 Market Value Ratio                                                                                                         9

3.0 Data Analysis                                                                                                                    10

3.1 Financial Statement (Ratio) Analysis of Marico Bangladesh Limited                             10

3.1.1 Liquidity Ratios                                                                                                             10

3.1.2 Asset Management Ratios                                                                                             13

3.1.3 Debt-Management Ratio                                                                                               16

3.1.4 Profitability Ratios                                                                                                         17

3.1.5 Market Value Ratios                                                                                                      22

4.0 Conclusion                                                                                                                        23

5.0 Recommendation                                                                                                              24

6.0 List of References                                                                                                             25

7.0 Bibliography                                                                                                                     26

Appendix                                                                                                                                27