Financial Adviser Interview


Interview (Q&A)

Seminar in Personal Financial Planning

Portfolio Construction

Using the 3-5 stocks recommended by your financial advisor/planner when conducting your interview (Assignment 2) as a foundation, your assignment will be to come up with a portfolio of 15-20 stocks that you would invest in using $100,000. For each stock, you are to complete the following information (See chapter 12 for guidance):

  • Provide your reason for why you selected each stock
  • Using the company’s financials (which can be found on financial websites such as or, provide the following measures for each company (you can put these in excel if you prefer):
    • Book Value
    • Net Profit Margin
    • Return on Equity
    • Earnings per Share
    • Price/Earnings Ratio
    • Dividend Yield (if any)
    • What industry is the stock in
    • How much are you investing in each stock
  • Finally, put a portfolio together using a virtual portfolio tracker (i.e. and attach the portfolio to the back of your assignment.

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