Leadership & Management



The theoretical understanding of leader/manager-roles as described in the scholarly literature demonstrated

Word Count: 1500

Must meet the following criteria:

  1. Critically examine leadership & management in theory
  2. Critically explores the core concepts of leadership and management relative to personal and workplace context
  3. Present work at the appropriate academic standard -6TH Ed APA referencing style
  4. You need to expand on the differences between leadership and management – make sure both concepts are used (hence leadership & management) – this section should be a maximum of 500 words.
  5. You have chosen authentic leadership and  you need to summarize the key findings about  this leadership style – what is the literature saying  about authentic leadership  – up to 1000 words


Critically examine the differences between leadership/ and management, examine and reflect upon the empirical evidence underpinning a leadership or management theory/concept.


  • Use the scholarly literature to distinguish between leadership and management
  • Select a leadership or management concept, and summarise the key empirical findings from the scholarly literature
  • Use your work environment to reflect on these findings.
  • Use reference from the reading list attached

4 pages