Fasting as a Spiritual Discipline in Christian Faith


Essay on Spiritual Discipline – You need to write about worship that is one of the spiritual disciplines from the Christian faith.  Explain what fasting is and why it is practiced.  Compare and contrast how it was practiced by Christians from three different time periods and traditions.  Describe why (if) this discipline could be valuable today.  How do you envision incorporating it into your own spiritual life?

This essay should be 6-10 pages and conform to Turabian style.


Content Well thought out, detailed explanations, comparisons, and contradictions. Obviously engaged with the material. Thorough, but concise. Appropriate content that covered the required assignment.   Understood the material; made connections between ideas, but some connections may not be strong. Mostly covered the requirements, but missing an element; did not include appropriate material; did not connect some ideas or connections were inappropriate. There is no clear main purpose; the required topic is not discussed; the historical examples are incorrect.
Structure Clear thesis and conclusion; sequence of main points are well developed and build upon one another; transitions are used well. Main points clear, but not ideal; paragraph breaks indicate a transition of thought, but do not necessarily build upon each other. The sequence of ideas is often confusing, or paragraphing is inadequate. The is no clear pattern in this paper.
Style Sentences are clear and purposeful; tone, word choice, and syntax are appropriate and appealing. Word choice, syntax, and tone are generally successful in communicating the author’s claims and are appropriate for a 300 level class. The paper is mostly understandable, but word choice, syntax, or tone is not appropriate for a 300 level class. Portions of the paper fail to convey their points due to poor word choice, syntax, or tone.
Editing The paper is nearly free of grammatical and formatting errors. Grammatical/formatting errors are present, but not intrusive. Grammatical/formatting errors are noticeable and intrusive. The writing is nearly unreadable due to the widespread errors.
Sources Sources are used appropriately; attribution of phrases and ideas are cited correctly and integrated well with the overall tone. Sources are used to support the author’s ideas; some citation errors Sources either make up the bulk of the paper or too little of it; some sources are used incorrectly; numerous citation errors. Sources were not used or not used appropriately; ideas were plagiarized.

9 Pages

Chicago/Turabian – 7 References