Depression in Obese and Non-Obese Children


Depression in Obese and Non-Obese Children:  A Comparative Descriptive Study

I.    TITLE.  Clear and concise title providing an idea of the concepts associated with the research proposal.        /01
A.    Clearly introduces the problem or situation and related concepts to provide a generalized organization of the paper.        /02
B.    Background of situation or problem. State the problem with key supporting facts and data to stress the extent of the problem and why the problem needs to be addressed.         /04
C.    Statement of the purpose of the research proposal. Include specific aims and the benefits to be gained from the research proposal.          /04
D.    Significance of the research proposal to nursing practice and the potential or actual significance to society.        /03

A.    Discussion of theoretical relationships and/or propositions used to guide the research proposal. Include an established theory, if used.         /05
B.    Formulation of a research question or hypotheses. Include conceptual/theoretical and operational definitions of the major variables.        /04
A.    Literature to support proposal.  Evidence of synopsis and critical analysis of articles.  Minimum 6 current, scholarly references within 5 years; 1 theory reference, 3 primary, 2 your choice (the use of interdisciplinary articles as appropriate).        /04
A.    Research design may be qualitative or quantitative.  Please state rationale for choosing your design.        /04
B.    Identification of population and description of sample.        /02
C.    Data collection.
Describe how data (and setting if appropriate) will be collected.         /02
D.    Instrumentation.  Discuss instrument(s) and present relevant information about reliability and validity.  Provide the instrument or an article presenting the instrument or example items.
E.    Implementation process & Evaluation        /03 /04
A.    APA Format, correct grammar and spelling.
B.    Minimum 6 pages to maximum 8 pages (excluding references)             /03
Summary Comments:                                            TOTAL    /45

9 pages

APA – 14 References

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