Compare & Contrast Income inequality as presented by Diaz


Compare & Contrast Income inequality as presented by Diaz

Compose a five to six pages where you compare and contrast income inequality. You will read one of the articles in Chapter 8, either Diaz, Krugman, Ehrenreich, Friedman, or Reich, and then use it as a starting point to construct a logical argument. You will need at least two sources for this assignment. One needs to be from the book.

At this time we are all familiar and comfortable with comparing and contrasting. This technique is an important aspect of academic essay writing and a skill that you will use in many writing and critical thinking assignments. Comparing and contrasting allows us to see many sides of a topic and allows us to argue our opinions in a logical and measured way that forces us to consider multiple points of view.

Composing Advice
Select one that you passionately agree with or disagree with. This is essential. Make sure you know your article, the main ideas and concepts. Then you may use another article, either from the book or the databases (from

Opposing Viewpoints?), to compare/contrast.
As you need an introduction, make sure you spend your time building context for your reader. What is income inequality? Is it real? A myth? Can people move upward economically? Of course, you will need a thesis.
The body of the composition will be spent comparing and contrasting. This is why you will need two articles. We have looked at the subject by subject method and the point by point method. Using point by point would lend itself to such an assignment. Focus on the main ideas of your sources and show how they compare or contrast, all the while revealing which one you believe to be the correct argument.


You will need two sources. You are encouraged to use two from Chapter Eight. You are required to use at least one. You will need to use MLA documentation and have a work cited page.