Case Leading Culture Change at Seagram


Consulting Proposal 1 Questions for Consideration:

Use the following case for Consulting Proposal 1.

Case Leading Culture Change at Seagram:

  • What were Seagram’s biggest business challenges and why have they chosen the values initiative to help? Why are companies today introducing and/or paying more attention to corporate values?
  • How well has Seagram instituted this culture change process to date?
  • What role did Seagram’s leadership play in driving culture change?
  • If you were one of Seagram’s executives, how would you respond to each of the five challenges at the end of the case?
  • What techniques are most effective in implementing a change initiative like this one?
  • What tools and techniques of culture change do you think are more potent than the use of explicit corporate values?
  • What are the phases of the change process?