The paper is about Business Intelligence System  and its applicability in health care delivery system.


Business Intelligence System (BIS) is a skilled procedure of gathering raw data and transforming them into knowledge or instruction. BIS have come to be a competent access to building practical and skilled or intelligent decision support systems in physical and health care domains. Business Intelligence (BIS) is a structured access to provide and use the information to execute any sort of activity in business and it contributes in transforming unripe data into knowledgeable information that can be applied in deriving value .It can related as a value proposal or statement that support enterprises, business, organizations and in the delivery of health care services, helping them in all sort of decision-making procedure, treating people that has long term conditions and diagnosis re assessment of patients analysing treatment alternatives according to the analysis outcome. BIS has grown to be so essential to the fact that most of the data warehousing in various systems used in medical care establishments inhabit proprietary storage making accessibility a problem. There are four compositions steps of BI storing, integrating, analysing and presentation to deliver data to end users, BI uses dashboard to present the steps. Effective development dashboard is still an issue.

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