Business law portfolio


Create a business law portfolio.  The portfolio will be made up of timely news articles that are relevant to the chapters being covered.  In addition to the article you must write a brief summary of the legal issue found in the article.  Attach the website link of the article and type the summary on each page.  You should be able to put two to three articles and summaries on one page.

Chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Legal Reasoning
Chapter 2 – Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 3 – Court Procedures
Chapter 5 – Ethics and Business Decision Making
Chapter 6 – Intentional Torts
Chapter 7 – Negligence and Strict Liability
Chapter 9 – Internet Law, Social Media and Privacy
Chapter 10 – Criminal Law and Cyber Crimes
Chapter 11 – Nature and Terminology
Chapter 12 – Agreement
Chapter 13 – Consideration
Chapter 14 – Capacity and Legality
Chapter 15 – Mistakes, Fraud, and Voluntary Consent
Chapter 16 – The Statute of Frauds
Chapter 17 – Third Party Rights
Chapter 18 – Performance and Discharge
Chapter 19 – Breach of Contract and Remedies

11 Pages